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Fours Things to Do on Your Vacations in Sarasota Taxi Cab

Vacations in Sarasota Taxi Cab

Are you planning to visit Florida on vacation? Don’t miss out on this beautiful city, “Sarasota,” located in the southwest of Florida.

The city knows how to entertain tourism with many attractions. However, you will need to find a good Sarasota Taxi Cab for a comfortable tour.

The city is famous for its circus. The name of Ringling Brothers Circus pops into mind when someone talks about Sarasota Taxi Cab.

But there is more to this city as it is also a famous spot for vacations.

Let’s check out the four things you should do on your vacations in Sarasota Taxi Cab.

Four Things to Do in Sarasota

As we mentioned earlier, the city has a lot to offer. But we are mentioning the four things you should not miss out on, even if you are there on a short visit.

Vacations in Sarasota Taxi Cab

1. Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium

Marine life is fun. Do check out Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium on your trip to Sarasota Taxi Cab. It is located in a tiny spot called Ken Thompson Parkway on City Island.

Founded in 1955 as Cape Haze Marine Laboratory, its name changed to Mote Marine in 1967. It was renamed to honor William, Lenore R. Mote, and William’s sister, Betty Mote Rose.

Tourists enjoy the two different parts of this place. The marine one is all about research on an estuary and marine nature, where an estuary refers to the point in a big river that joins a stream with the tide.

On the other hand, the aquarium portion lets tourists experience the marine life from the closest. It hosts more than 100 species of marine animals. So, get a Sarasota Taxi Cab and reach there.

Some of them are local, and others are collected from different oceans of the world. The list includes turtles, otters, manatees, sea horses, rays, jellyfish, eels, sharks, and many more. The shark tank will amaze you as it has over 100,000 gallons of water. Tourists enjoy feeding these sharks.

2. Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary

If you are into wildlife, you are surely going to enjoy this place. The Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary are located on Palmer Boulevard. The journey of this tourist spot began in 1987, and with time it turned into a non-profit organization.

Today, Big Cat Habitat is among the top 10 spots for tourists in Sarasota Taxi Cab. It is an animal welfare organization that rescues exotic cats. The place also hosts bears, birds, and chimpanzees. You will find swimming pools and natural flora over there. It helps stimulate the original habitat of animals.

You can watch big cats and birds performing different shows. Moreover, tourists are educated regarding wildlife preservation. Children can also feed Ilimas and goats as there is a petting zoo. If your kids are brave, you can let them feed lions, tigers, and bears too.

3. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

You will find these gardens nearby if you are staying around Sarasota Taxi Cab Bay. Marie Selby Botanical Gardens is located on South Palm Avenue in Hudson Bayou. These are the richest gardens in history that spanning seven acres.

It is a must-visit point in downtown Sarasota. Once, Marie and William Selby used to own the gardens on these lands. This place is no less than heaven for plant lovers. There is a collection of flowering plants called bromeliads. It is the world’s biggest and most diverse collection of such flora.

More than 6,000 different species of plants live across 20 habitats in these gardens. Around 2,000 live and thrive in the same place; what a sight! The list of habitats includes bamboo lands, mangroves, succulent habitats, and many more.

Tourists will find a research library, an herbarium, and different greenhouses in this single tourist spot. The most popular areas are Rainforest Garden and Butterfly Garden. However, everything from man-made caves to goldfish pounds is worth exploring.

Vacations in Sarasota Taxi Cab

4. Sarasota Jungle Gardens

Hello Jungle lovers! This one is especially for you. When moving through Bay Shore Road, don’t forget to visit Sarasota Taxi Cab Jungle Gardens. It was founded in 1939 and had only 10 acres of land.

The place is decorated with thousands of flowers and delightful trees of a tropical variety. You will also find rare species of plants here.

In 1970, an exotic bird show featuring macaws and cockatoos was held at this place. Since then, many shows featuring different animals and birds have taken place in this jungle.

When we talk about some of the oldest tourist attractions in Florida, this one joins the list. The love of people never lets this place die, and even today, tourists are attracted to these lush green gardens. It is home to many small mammals, including primates, crocodiles, lizards and alligators, parrots, snakes, pink flamingos, and iguanas.

If you are thinking about sitting on an alligator and taking pictures while feeding flamingos, it’s a yes! Such activities happen on a regular basis at Sarasota Jungle Gardens.

Vacations in Sarasota Taxi Cab


If you are already in there, what’s making you wait? Call a Sarasota Taxi Cab from Elia Plus Transportation and reach these spots. The city is full of greenery, and these spots are calling you. Make sure to visit them.


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